Monday, 12 January 2015

My week in photos #1

Ikea adventures - nail experiments - rainy study day doodles
 found the most amazing tiled floor in Birmingham - a really cool display at the art gallery - Went on an early morning walk
Thought this dress was absolutely adorable in Birmingham - flexing my new sale shoes (from clarks, no longer listed on the website) - Also in Birmingham art gallery, I found these beautiful buttons and there was soo many of them!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

White Nails

Rimmel London 60 seconds nail varnish in white hot love - £3.69

Painting my nails white is not something that I ever thought would appeal to me, until recently when I started seeing them all over instagram. Ever since then I have been absolutely obsessed. I really love how clean and fresh it looks and it even makes my paper pale hands look tanned! I also really like this range from Rimmel, I wouldn't say that the nail varnish does actually dry in 60 seconds, but it does still dry in record time and I think that the formula is a really nice quality to. 

Having stopped biting my nails, means that I can finally wear nail varnish! I would love to hear some recommendations and I can't wait to do more nail related posts in the future. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

back in business and new years resolutions.

Well hasn't it been a while. I might write a separate blog post addressing the reasons for my disappearance, but for now I'm just happy to be back. 

Another year is behind us and I can safely say, although I haven't been particularly productive or achieved much, I've felt genuinely happy and calm as a person. Looking back on the resolutions I set myself for 2014, I can safely say, I have made some sort of progress towards, if not achieved every single goal I set myself. I have even finally managed to stop biting my nails which is a massive achievement for me.

2015 is the year I complete my GCSE's, apply for sixth form, leave school and start a more grown up life and part of me wants to run the opposite direction, and the other part is completely ready. As is traditional to do so, I've come up with a few resolutions for 2015

1. stick to my revision
I am notoriously bad at revising, I hardly ever used to do it but still managed to scrape by pretty well. This year I've been telling myself that if I do okay when I don't revise, imagine what my grades would look like if I did. and so I have devised an impressive revision timetable to ensure that I have some sort of order to my thoughts and have been doing really well so far, I'm even starting to enjoy it!

2. take better care of my skin
My skin is really odd. it often can erupt into random breakouts for no apparent reason. I also find that it is oily and flaky at the same time which makes for quite a handful, this year I want to have nice skin which is something I know I can achieve if I look after it properly. 

3. be braver with food
I have always since the beginning of time, had a lot of problems with food. I was a picky baby, picky child, and now picky teenager. Although I wouldn't really say picky was the right word, It's more that I am actually terrified to try new foods and so I continue to eat really unhealthy things that I ate as a child because I am too scared to step out of my comfort zone. This year I'm going to try and make an effort to change this, although I know It's going to be my most challenging goal by miles. 

4, get a job
This isn't really a resolution, but I do turn 16 this year so I think It's high time I try to find myself a job!

5. learn how to use my camera properly and take some good photos
I am very lucky to have been handed down a canon 60d camera from my dad. It's such an amazing piece of equipment and feel that I'm wasting it on poor quality photography, so this year I'm going to really make an effort to get to grips with my camera.

6. be more sociable
I am the kind of person that is quite happy with my own company, but I realize that I don't have much longer after this year to spend time with all my friends and so I want to make sure that I spend as much time with them and fit as many fun things as we can into this year.  

7. be braver around people
I think this is something I disguise very well, but talking to people who are not my friends or immediate family makes me a nervous wreck. I get scared to answer the phone, answer the door, speak in front of the class at school, speak to my friends parents, speak to shop assistants, you name it. At the end of the day I need to realize that most of these people, minus some class peers, are all perfectly friendly and kind people, none of which are going to bite my head off or laugh at what I have to say.

8. save my money
Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot save any money that I have. I think this might be because I get given an allowance once a month, and in the space of that month I will have found something I want to buy, and since I don't have a job and my allowance is not particularly large, I don't normally have any money left over to save. With the hopes that I will find myself a job sometime soon, I hope to try and save some more money. 

So these are my goals for 2015, It's going to be a massive crazy year for me so I really feel like I should try and get my life together. What is your biggest goal for this year?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Necessities

Autumn has finally graced us with It's rainy presence! Now that the finger numbing weather is upon us, it's time to crack out the good old autumn staples and I thought I'd share with you what mine are for Autumn 2014.

Primark shoes (£12): I've been on the hunt for these for AGES. My nearest Primark (Northampton) is appalling and the only shoe size they ever seem to stock is size 3. Being a flipper foot, I need a size 6 which is seemingly very popular considering I can never find size 6 in any shoes ever. The other day I was in the Milton Keynes Primark and managed to get there just as one of the staff was restocking and my heart practically jumped for joy as she put a size 6 on the rail. At first I was quite worried about getting blisters from these as they feel quite stiff and I get blisters very easily but I have been pleasantly surprised as they have caused no troubles. However the heels of these, although not big, are very hard and I sometimes catch my ankles with them as I walk which has caused them to bleed a couple of times now. I can see me wearing these to death and at £12 I thought they were rather bargainous!

MAC Lipstick in Plumful (£15): No autumn should go without a good old plum lipstick! This is my most favourite lipstick in the whole wide world. Nothing else that I've found looks as flattering against my complexion as this, so if you have pale skin and dark features; I'd highly recommend this to you! This particular lipstick has a lustre finish which means it's a little bit more sheer than all the others and is incredibly moisturizing, so understandably It's lasting power isn't too fabulous and it's price tag is a tad excessive, however I feel that it is totally justified and have got a lot of wear out of it. 

Barry M Gelly High Shine in Chilli (£3.99): I brought this quite recently having seen the beauty blogging community talk about Barry M's new gelly autumn collection. I have one other Barry M gelly nail polish in the shade elderberry which I wore a lot throughout spring and summer on my toe nails. As I have finally stopped biting my finger nails and they have started to become less pathetic (!!!!) I thought I'd treat myself as a little reward :)

Primark Bag(£5): At the same time as purchasing the previously mentioned shoes, I found this bag, reduced to £5 and simply couldn't say no. I absolutely adore everything about it and it's incredibly 'me'. I thought the colour was really pretty and autumnal and looks really nice when worn with my tartan scarf.

H&M Jacket (£29.99): Believe it or not I purchased this in the summertime and soon learned that pleather and sun don't mix. Every single time I wore it I'd end up sizzling until I was sweating and had to take it off which was a huge bummer as it meant it spent a good couple of months out of action. As it is now autumn I can finally wear it properly and I'm very pleased about that.

Yankee Candle in Midsummers Night (£8?): This is the most strongly scented candle I have ever owned. My mum brought me this for my birthday last year and I have carefully saved it for autumn and winter usage only. The only way I can think to describe the smell of this is male aftershave, but like really nice smelling aftershave and not too manly, the sort that a girl could get away with wearing as well.

Tartan scarf (£3); Aah my beloved tartan scarf. I literally live in this thing throughout the colder months which is probably quite bad, but I don't care because I love tartan so much. I now own about three different tartan scarfs and I just feel as though every single girl in the world should own one for autumn time. You can pick these up pretty much anywhere and I've seen that Primark sell these cheap as chips!

I am really looking forward for the colder months to commence, what are your autumn and winter staples?

Friday, 25 July 2014


I would first of all like to apologize for my horrendous lack of posts recently, however life has really gotten in the way of this month and I have had next to no time to dedicate to my precious little blog. I've been up to my neck in coursework, homework, GCSE English writing and various other time consuming activities. Alas, year 10 has finally come to an end and the summer holidays are finally here (horray!!) which means I will be able to dedicate ALOT more time to my blog. I have a good lot of things to look forward to (including a guest post from Holly)!

Over the past month or so, I've been seeing lots of people bringing back the slouchy backpack trend which was really big a couple of years ago. I'm not entirely sure that i really like slouchy backpacks as i can feel all of the contents banging against my back as i walk and they do tend to look a bit odd with miss-shapen lumps and bumps sometimes depending on what you put in them. However, backpacks are really quite handy and when I saw this little backpack in the asos sale I decided that I absolutely adored it and that I needed to own it immediately. I can safely say that i do not regret my decision as i can fit everything i need in it, both my hands are free, its structured so you don't get the awkward lumps and bumps, and i love its sleek and simple design.

A couple of things I will say is that the material does feel slightly cheap considering its price, but it is very sturdy. Like most backpacks, it is extremely impractical when it comes to shopping or getting something out/putting something away in a hurry which can be slightly annoying, but I'm willing to deal with it haha.

I'm still not sure how i feel about the whole backpack trend, I think it depends on the backpack to me, I'm definitely leaning towards the more structured vintagey looking styles at the moment and I've definitely got my eye on this one!