Monday, 4 November 2013

Whats on my face #3 ~ Nearly Naked.

Today marks the end of the half term holidays and it's around this time that everybody starts to get into the Christmas (don't deny it.) and winter spirit. Since you last saw my moon face, I have done something I had sworn to never do again. I cut my hair. It wasn't a professional job, it was a case of drawing a chalk line on my t-shirt where I wanted mum to cut and she chopped away in the kitchen. At first, I missed my hair so much that it led me to tears, however it has since been allowed to grow a little and the ends have become a little more 'straggly' the way I like them, and so I am beginning to warm to it. 

For today's makeup, I decided that I wanted to have a lazy day in, but still look presentable and so this led to The creation of my three product face. My skin, particularly my chin and forehead have burst into loads and loads of under skin spots and lots of red areas, and so I had to have some foundation as one of my products. I chose to use my Revlon nearly naked foundation which is just like a tinted moisturiser, partly because I forgot I even owned it, and partly since I ran out of my Rimmel London wake me up foundation and haven't got another 'light' foundation to hand. Other than this, I have only lined my eyes with my Maybelline master precise eyeliner which I feel is the only eyeliner I ever talk about, but it is seriously the bomb diggidy. After this I just used some of my telescopic mascara to make everything look a bit more together. 

Revlon Nearly naked foundation ~ £8.99
Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner ~ £5.99
L'oreal telescopic mascara ~ £10.99


  1. You're a very gorgeous girl! I love this foundation, it looks great on you! X

  2. You are so pretty, your skin looks flawless! I cut my hair as well (a while ago) and it is only now growing back to around my shoulders :( I love your eyeliner as well :)

    1. awh thankyou!! i think everyone regrets cutting their hair short haha! ♥♥♥ xx