Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 resolutions

The time has arrived! 2014 is here! I intend to make this year a good one and so as is tradition to do so, I have put together some resolutions which I may, or may not stick to. Last year I did a very similar post and after re-reading that one, I realize how utterly lazy I was.
 My rather ambitious goals consisted of; 

♥ Eat clean and drink more water -
 This made me laugh, I do try to drink water when I remember but other than that, this clearly didn't go to plan.

♥ focus on GCSE's - 
Although there have been times when I have slacked and struggled, I'm still fairly happy with how things are going at the moment. (touch-wood)

♥ be more organised -
 If only you could see my bedroom floor right now. 

♥ clean my make up brushes - 
Hmm, well...

♥ blog more - 
I tried, kept it up for maybe a week, then failed.

♥ stress less - 
This one really amused me as 2013 was most definitely the most stressful year I've ever had.   

♥ decorate - I've only recently finished decorating my room and I am really very happy with how its turned out :) 

My goals for this year will be;

♥ Aim to be more active and flexible - I'm a lazy person who doesn't like food very much. Therefore, I am a lazy, weak person and am told this regularly. This year I'm going to try and build up my strength. I quit gymnastics about two years ago and for about a year after I was still fairly flexible, however I have now lost all flexibility, I miss being able to do the splits!

♥ Organize myself better - By that, I don't mean tidy up, keep things organised etc, I mean keep myself organised. I regularly find myself rushing around to get things done and forgetting things. As I have got GCSE's and a new headmistress to contend with this year, I can't afford to be the way I am. Therefore, I now have the use of a diary!

♥ Blog more - If my organisation plan actually works, then I definitely will be blogging more, and hopefully will have some more interesting posts over the upcoming year. 

♥ Drink more water - I don't expect this to last very long, but I can try.

♥ Be more confident - I have no self confidence and get nervous around people I don't feel comfortable with. I see other people in my year group, form etc, who can get up and speak to a group of people like it's second nature to them, I admire them and want to be more like those people. I don't like being this way so this year i'm going to make an effort to change it. 

I have high hopes for 2014 and hope it's going to be great for everyone, Happy New Year! 


  1. Great resolutions! I definitely need to blog more as well. Hope you 2014 is a good year for you! :)