Monday, 16 June 2014

Meet Holly.

After months of doing the same old thing over here at Hevzibev, I decided it was high time to welcome a new face on the scene, that face belonging to Holly from Holly La Beau! I first started talking to Holly about a year or two ago and she has been a firm favourite of mine ever since. The urge to contact her for her blogging services was too strong to resist haha! Before we actually dove straight in with a guest post, Holly suggested it might be better to introduce ourselves first which i thought was a great idea, and what better way to do that than a good old classic Q&A?! We both answered these questions and you can read my answers here. So, here's Holly's little introduction!

1. Sum up your blog in three words.
Rambly, fun, inconsistent.

2. What/who inspired you to start blogging?
I started by watching youtube videos like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter and my original plan was to start my own youtube channel but I was far too shy to go through with it. Then when I came across their blogs I realized that I could do the same and now here I am!

3. Have you met any friends through blogging?
There are a few people which I have conversations with over Twitter and in the comments section of each other posts so I always recognise who they are when their name pops up. And the lovely Heather is a firm favourite of mine! Hopefully I will get to meet them all someday (that includes you Heather).

4. What is your favourite thing to blog about?
When I first started my blog it was primarily a beauty and fashion blog but now I have started branching out into slightly different areas. I really enjoy reading books so I want to start incorporating that into my blog posts more. I love writing more relaxed and personal blog posts as well because they are so much easier to write and they are also the type I love to read the most!

5. Your all time favourite product?
It's so difficult to pick just the one but I would definitely have to say the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It's amazing at covering everything you could possibly imagine and is so affordable too which makes me love it even more.

6. What is the one makeup item you couldn't live without?
For this I'd say mascara because I don't feel like any makeup look is complete without it. It really opens your eyes up and makes the rest of your makeup look better, and also makes me look more awake which is always a bonus after being forced out of my bed by my alarm on a school day! I'm so used to wearing it that my eyes look weird without it.

7. Favourite fashion and beauty brands?
I'm a big fan of budget beauty brands because you don't always have to spend lots of money to get great quality! It's hard to pick just one drugstore brand but Maybelline is probably my favourite, especially their mascaras and Baby Lips. I also love Benefit, if only it wasn't so damn expensive. As for fashion, I tend to shop in New Look because basically all of their clothes suit my style perfectly, or Asos because they have lots of great brands all in one place so it's easy to find something you love.

8. What is your proudest moment throughout your blogging life?
There are many things which I am proud of but one of the main ones is whenever someone comments saying that they have just come across my blog and love it, or they say they really enjoyed my blog post. It is crazy to think that tens of thousands of people have viewed my blog and read what I have to say, and then taken even more time to comment and tell me what they think! I really appreciate it, I just can't believe that people actually want to read my rambles and follow me so they can read more! When I picture all my followers in one room reading my blog, it blows my mind.

8. Any hopes for your blog in the future?
I hope I can continue being quite consistent with my blog posts. I have been pretty good this past month or two and had a good few posts up per week which I have found has actually increased my number of readers. I also want to continue working with other bloggers because it's such a fun thing to do and is like a little bit of publicity for them when I mention them on my blog!

So there you have it! I really hope this has made you love Holly as much as I do and I demand that you must go and have a nosey look at her blog! I cannot wait for you all to see her guest post scheduled for next month too! Thankyou so so much Holly for taking your time to answer the questions haha! :)

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  1. This Holly person sounds great, I must check out her blog... Hahahaha I crack myself up sometimes. Thanks for the interview! xxx

    1. omg your profile picture looks just like her, how strange! You deffo should ;) ... two can play at that game hahaha. Thankyou for being willing to do it! :) xxx

  2. I follow Holly haha, this is a really cool post especially because of the interview format! :) So excited for her guest post soon!

    1. well brownie points to you for following her!! It's going to be great i assure you haha!! xx