Friday, 20 June 2014

My phone case love | Sighh Designs

About a month ago whilst flicking through Instagram, I came across Polly's account. I absolutely adored everything she drew and designed and had a sneaky peak at her online shop where she sells phone cases, little pocket mirrors and nail transfers. At the time I was as broke as broke can be and couldn't afford to purchase the phone case which had caught my eye and so I carried on my way. When I turned 15 (5th June ;)) I very kindly received a LOT of money for my birthday and immediately thought of buying this phone case. The only issue was, I had forgotten to follow the account on instagram and couldn't remember the name of the shop, so to my annoyance I decided to try and find it again; to no avail. However, a couple of weeks ago when I came across a blog called Charlottes Web, I saw that she had done a whole post dedicated to Polly's cases and mirrors. I was so happy that I had finally found the shop again that I immediately ordered the case! 

There are all sorts of beautiful cases, mirrors and nail transfers on Polly's shop, Sighh Designs and it was almost impossible to choose the one I wanted (I think I might have to go back for that berry one soon! it's gorgeous and waay too lovely to resist). All of the cases cost between £12-14 and are suitable for all phones from Iphone 4 and upwards, Ipod 4 and upwards, through to a whole range of samsung galaxy models, which I think, considering the amazing quality and the fact that she has built the business up through her own hard-work, talent and dedication, totally makes it so worth while and incredibly reasonable. The best part is that she designs and hand draws every different design herself which really makes her products very unique!

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and couldn't have asked for anything better, I just couldn;t resist sharing my love for this case! I will definitely be purchasing more from Sighh Designs in the future and I highly recommend that you give the shop a little look as well!


  1. I'm desperate for a new phone case and love cute things like this...must check it out!!


    1. they are so adorable! you definitely should! :))Xx